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Splitting up? Divorcing? Separating? Need to agree arrangements for children, money or property?

Welcome to our website.  We are CALM Scotland. “CALM” stands for Comprehensive Accredited Lawyer Mediators, and we are the only organisation in Scotland you can use to access accredited confidential mediation from mediators who are also practising lawyers.

Whatever your needs, our experienced lawyer-mediators can help you achieve a peaceful and constructive resolution to difficult family situations.  We are passionate about how family mediation can sort things out on a level deeper than if they are argued in court.  For example, if you are separated parents, mediation can help you reframe your relationship into a working parental one, where better communication and understanding between you can minimise the possibility of future arguments over your child’s care and upbringing as the years go on.

Over the years, CALM lawyer-mediators have helped many people in a wide variety of family conflicts and disputes.  We are trained to help you identify and resolve the issues between you in a calm, constructive and understanding manner, and as we've said, uniquely unlike any other mediators in Scotland, given our extensive legal background we are able to give you information on the law that might assist you in moving forward.

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Our CALM mediators practice all over Scotland, and are more than happy to chat with you about how mediation could help you sort things out. Find a family mediator in an area near you.

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Further information on mediation and what is involved can be found in the Section 'What is Mediation' which contains several frequently asked questions. 

Should you have any further questions or wish further information, please contact us today.


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CALM Scotland... comprehensive family mediation services across Scotland.

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