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The Outside | The Inside | The Conflict

Two questions for you:

  1. Have you ever watched a telethon or an advert or the news, and there's this heart-wrenching story about suffering that hits you hard, that without thinking makes you want to reach out and help? Like something about cancer, hunger, earthquakes, poor kids.
  2. Have you ever watched the news or been in a situation where you feel nothing but anger or irritation about others, that without thinking makes you want to express hard opinions about them, about how wrong they are? Like politicians, terrorists, folk at work, your friends or relations.
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Hallowe'en Question: Is the Scottish Government a Big Feartie?

Here's a new post from our convener, Scott Docherty, on the recent report from the Scottish Government justice committee in relation to the use of alternative methods of dispute resolution in Scotland.

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How can child-inclusive mediation help?

Here's an article by our convenor, Scott C. Docherty, on child-inclusive mediation.

If you, or your client who is separating with kids, are thinking that it might be of benefit to involve the children in some way in the separation process, here’s a little bit of information to help you decide how best to consider it.

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Your ex won't mediate?...

rsz 2black and white people bar men

So you've been thinking of using mediation to sort out your issues, but your ex is either ignoring you or wants to fight it out.

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Separated? 5 Tips To Make Your Kids' Summer

rsz pexels photo 61129

We get it.

If all was well you'd be looking forward to the summer. School's out, the weather's trying its best, stretched out before you are weeks upon weeks filled with freedom and hope. Well, at least for your kids, that is, as they look at you with an innocent glow in their eyes, waiting to hear what wonderous plans you have for them over the break.

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