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Karen Bonnell - On Parenting Plans

Our new #videoCALM and #audioCALM interview with Karen Bonnell is now available.  You can access it on the site, our YouTube channel or on iTunes.

Scott Docherty talks with Karen of Coach Mediate Consult, Seattle, author of the hugely practical and inspirational Co-Parents' and Parenting Plan Handbooks. In this interview, Karen talks about what a parenting plan is, what it can cover in your separation or divorce, the challenges that might get in the way of creating a plan, and most vitally how those challenges can be overcome.

One of the quotes in Karen's wonderful books is by her co-author Kristin Little, that "learning to co-operate with your children's other parent doesn't always mean agreement; it doesn't always means you have good feelings towards that other parent. It means that your love and care for your child is stronger than your anger and sadness, and your desire for peace is greater than your desire to be 'right'." Watching and listening to Karen on this subject may well hit home that point for you, and help you find a fresh perspective in your transition beyond separation.

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