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Mediation Pack for Family Solicitors

Whoaa what a week it's been since the new website was unveiled! Eek


We can't thank enough all those who have supported the site and our social media channels as they grow from strength to strength, and over time we hope you will begin to see CALM Scotland as a more significant resource and focal point for appropriate dispute resolution in family breakdown.


Something that we've picked up on is that family solicitors might benefit from more information on the rules and guidelines applicable to them when it comes to exploring with their clients possible options in resolving their family disputes.  We've also thought it might be helpful to answer the common reasons given to us by solicitors as to why they might have chosen not to refer their clients for mediation.  So we've thrown up a couple of new pages for solicitors to pour through - and if you're not a solicitor, who knows, you may find it of interest as well - promise we won't judge!


Any queries on these two pages please give us a shout.  So without further ado, here they are:


Welcome to our new website
Gary Direnfeld - On the folly of arguing in court ...

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