Hey folks,

So it's occurred to us that we've not really be keeping things up to date here, and so we wanted to assure you that although the website itself might get a bit quiet, our mediators are all across Scotland each and every day helping hundreds of families design a new life after separation.

See, if we're being honest, other than the 'find a mediator' section (which is always bang up to date) the website doesn't need to be kept up to date. All the information we've splurged over the pages of the site are as relevant as they were when they went live.

That said, we're looking to improve your online experience with us. If there's anything you'd like us to cover on the site, please let us know. The main thing for us is that the site's still here, is being accessed by a whole swathe of folks every day, and is helping connect those in need with our experienced and caring mediators.

Thanks so much for visiting!