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Welcome to our new website

Hello, and welcome to the sparkly new website of CALM Scotland, created with the expert technical assistance of Moore Legal Technology.

We think that in the coming months and years, the use of mediation to sort out issues arising from separation will begin to spread like wildfire across Scotland, that in time, mediation will become known more commonly as one of the most appropriate and successful methods of dispute resolution available for family breakdowns.

In our website and its buzzing social media channels, we will be spreading the word far and wide about mediation. We will connect not only with professionals and mediators here and across the world who can help inform and assist in this process, but also and more importantly with those of you going through separation, those of you in need of a guiding hand and more information about how to resolve your disputes without having to open the doors to the court and place your interests in the hands of lawyers and a judge.

Our lawyer-mediators are passionate about how mediation can provide you with a means to regain control of your own life, the lives of your children, after separation. Please bookmark the site, therefore, and connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube and iTunes. On the site you will have completely free and regular access to articles, videos, interviews, research and resources all focused on helping you and your children through your separation. Spend some time on the site, contact us using the contact form or get in touch directly with a mediator in your area, and start your journey in mediation today.

Thanks again to our Scott Docherty and all the team at MLT for getting the new site and social media channels up and running, and we look forward to helping you soon.

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