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Where have you been?!!

Our library of video and audio interviews on the site, our YouTube channel and iTunes has been absolutely BURSTING in recent weeks!

You now have totally free access to new interviews with Bill Eddy, who has been instrumental in changing the face of family dispute resolution in the US, Sue Atkins, a vastly experienced parenting expert you'll likely have seen on ITV's "This Morning" show as well as elsewhere on the box or radio, and Lisa Parkinson, who started the very first family mediation service in UK (and possibly even Europe) way back in 1978 but who's still going strong and continuing to pioneer developments in mediation across the globe.

If you haven't watched or listened before (WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!!), these interviews are recorded for you, those who are separating and need some help from experts in how mediation might work to resolve what's going on for you or your kids. Of course, they're also for family law professionals and others serving separating families, so feel free to watch, listen, share and spread far & wide the good word about mediation!

Here's your #videoCALM

And here's your #audioCALM

Karen Bonnell - On Parenting Plans
Co-Parenting Rules


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