CALM Scotland was established in 1993 by a group of experienced family lawyers who were keen to provide an alternative process for sorting out disputes arising from family breakdowns.  We believe, however, that mediation is more than just an alternative to court, more than just a form of “Alternative Dispute Resolution”, as it has been called in the past.  In fact, we believe that in many cases, mediation represents a method of Appropriate Dispute Resolution.

At CALM Scotland, our mediators are all experienced family lawyers who have undergone extensive training as mediators before being accredited by the Law Society of Scotland as Family Law Mediators. We are bound by a Code of Practice, and each year undergo continuing professional development training and assessment to maintain our specialist accreditation. All of this ensures that we can continue to offer the best skills to an extremely sensitive and important process.

Comprehensive family mediation is a specialised process. No matter if you are straight or LGBTI, and whatever stage of separation you are in, you can meet with a mediator or co-mediators to seek ways of resolving issues and problems arising from your separation. In a way unlike other forms of dispute resolution, the mediation process allows these issues and problems to be identified clearly, for options to resolve those issues and problems to be considered carefully, and for areas of agreement to be reached.  The informed, confidential, flexible and voluntary process involved in mediation gives you a chance to keep in your own hands the power and the tools necessary to design your own future and, if you have children, theirs as well.

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CALM mediators have knowledge and understanding, not only of the relevant family law that will apply, but also of family dynamics, child development and behaviour. Our mediators are sensitive and alert to power imbalances within a relationship, and to other behaviour or influences which could affect the mediation and negotiation process. For more information, contact CALM today.

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