Bill Eddy
This immensely practical interview features Bill Eddy, President of the innovative High Conflict Institute in San Diego and pioneer of simple techniques to reduce conflict in, amongst other things, separation. During the discussion Bill whips out his second brain to explain what's going on internally when we act or react in conflict, and tells us some amazing tricks to switch high conflict people into problem-solving mode in only a few seconds. Applying his methods in and around mediation sessions could have a powerful effect on its chances of success, and we would highly recommend those separating as well as professionals in mediation or litigation to take note. We could have talked for hours on end with Bill on this subject but, quite miraculously, have managed to condense a great deal of his outstanding work into just over 40 minutes! Bill takes us through some of the cutting-edge developments he has introduced across the pond, including the BIFF Response method and the life-changing New Ways For Families project that's gradually but systematically changing the face of family conflict resolution in California. The online model of NW4F is now extending this revolution across the globe, so in separation you can now access this wonderful resource no matter where you live. Enjoy this little interview, therefore, and start thinking about learning some new skills in handling your conflict before making the big decisions after separation.

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