Gary Direnfeld
This interview features Gary Direnfeld, internationally renowned social worker, keynote speaker and author of, amongst other things, the wonderful book Raising Kids Without Raising Cane. Gary talks with relaxed clarity and passion about the importance of choosing the right path in resolving your separation issues, and mentions particularly the folly of going to court. He makes clear that he is not a lawyer, and that speaking with his social work and counselling hat on, by and large if a court makes an order concerning your children, whichever parent 'wins' or 'loses' the fight to get that order, both parents will be faced with having to make that order work. He talks about how difficult that can be for you and your kids following a period where you have been painting each other in a bad light within a court structure that forces you to do so. His answer for those considering court, therefore, don't do it (!), and choose mediation, collaboratively-trained lawyers, and the caring services that can surround the process and help you reach a child-focused resolution to your issues that you have designed and can find some peace with.

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