Jane Evans
This interview features Jane Evans (thejaneevans.com), trauma parenting expert with a background in early years care, foster care, and parenting & family support. Recently explored in her fascinating and inspirational TEDxBristol talk on Taming And Tending Your Meerkat Brain, this interview centres on the development of a child's brain, and the impact of parental separation on that brain development, particularly where the separation is not handled carefully by the parents. Jane talks passionately, and with heartfelt personal experience, about what might be happening under your kids' bonnets if they've been exposed to your parental conflict, about the types of behaviour you might be seeing in your kids during the separation and divorce that could signal concerns later on in their development. Positively, however, she discusses in some detail the little things you might do each and every day with your kids whilst in the midst of the separation, and that although it can be really hard to focus on the kids whilst being distracted by the ongoing conflict with their other parent, doing so and building on that emotional connection with the kids will have a lasting effect they'll benefit from for years to come. Based on her TED talk, Jane's wonderful new book "Little Meerkat's Big Panic" is available now on Amazon.

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