Lisa Parkinson
Lisa pioneered mediation in the UK and Europe, having set up the first mediation service here in 1978 and then the Family Mediators Association. Her work in developing mediation is pretty unparalleled, and continues particularly in the area of child-inclusive mediation and as chair of the Advisory Board of the Voices in the Middle campaign. This interview takes us through this amazing work, and touches on how mediation has changed over the years to become a service capable of adapting around the needs and backgrounds of those separating, increasing the chances of a successful long-term resolution for those taking part. She talks also about how the system of information meetings in family actions in England & Wales might be improved on were Scotland to introduce them, and delves into fascinating detail about how child-inclusive mediation and the Voices in the Middle charity might help provide a better voice for children in separation. It was a true privilege to have Lisa talk mediation with us, and although the interview is pretty long, given how knowledgeable and inspirational she is on the subject, perhaps you'll feel as we do that if only it could've went on for longer!

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