Meet Helen Hughes
Meet Helen Hughes, of McAuley McCarthy & Co, Solicitors, Paisley, and the current convener of CALM Scotland, in this, the very first #audioCALM interview with our accredited mediators. In this fascinating discussion, Helen talks with our Scott Docherty about what mediation actually is, how it's different from other forms of sorting out your separation disputes, and how to go through the process. She gives some valuable information about costs and the types of approach you can expect when coming to mediation. Scott (who is an accredited CALM mediator, partner at McArthur Stanton, Solicitors, Dumbarton & Helensburgh, and author of How To Talk To Your Kids About Separation) will be recording more interviews with our mediators, so to keep in touch please subscribe on iTunes and follow us at or on all the usual social media channels @calmscotland.

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