Meet Rachael Kelsey and Robert Gilmour
Meet Rachael Kelsey and Robert Gilmour, both accredited lawyer-mediators of SKO Family Law specialists in Edinburgh. In this 'co-mediated' chat they explore just how flexible the CALM model of mediation is. What is the CALM model? It's really just how we describe the way our lawyer-mediators uniquely approach family mediation around Scotland. The flexibility talked about in this interview rests on how we can make sure you feel most comfortable in mediation, and therefore, how we can help make it work well for you. So Rachael and Robert describe how, if it will help you resolve YOUR dispute, your mediator can bring in another mediator, male or female depending on what would be best; or they could bring in the solicitors you and your ex-partner may have been instructing; or they might recommend third party non-legal specialists to help you build on what you've been working towards in mediation; or they might introduce something called shuttle, or 'caucus' mediation if spending some time apart from each other during sessions might help keep up a momentum towards sorting things out. The advice at the end? Feel free to explore with your mediator what will work best for you in your situation.

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