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You’re watching #videoCALM with CALM Scotland – bridge difference with mediation. In our video channel you will find interviews and videos with our accredited mediators in Scotland and others connected with mediation, and also with parties who have been through mediation successfully and are happy to share their stories. Use the links below to jump directly to a video.

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Intro to #videoCALM
This is just the short introduction to #videoCALM by CALM Scotland. Subscribe to our channel for more videos..
How to stop arguing about your children with your ex!
This video features Scott C Docherty of McArthur Stanton, Solicitors (Dumbarton & Helensburgh), accredited CALM Mediator, author of How To Talk To..
The Future of Online Mediation - with Ewan Malcolm
Meet Ewan Malcolm, Chief Executive of Relate London North West, in this wonderful interview about online mediation recorded via Skype. If you push..
Gary Direnfeld - On the folly of arguing in court after separation
This interview features Gary Direnfeld, internationally renowned social worker, keynote speaker and author of, amongst other things, the wonderful..
Jane Evans - On emotional connection with kids after separation
This interview features Jane Evans (, trauma parenting expert with a background in early years care, foster care, and parenting..
Karen Bonnell - Have you tried a parenting plan?
Our Scott Docherty talks with Karen Bonnell of Coach Mediate Consult, Seattle, author of the hugely practical and inspirational Co-Parents' and..