Fiona Carey
Fiona Carey
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Mediation has long been one of my core values. I have been an accredited mediator for 18 years and I have been involved in the whole spectrum of mediation for the family from separating couples to grandparents and indeed parents and children. This is an area which is flourishing simply because of the huge changes, particularly in the financing of issues relative to separating couples and their children. It is essential that the separation of the parties remains on as amicable a basis as possible and mediation promotes that in the interest of both parties. Waiting for a Court decision which might not suit either party is not a way to promote positive relationships between parties. The proper advice in relation to children and their future is essential to the next generation of families. The more positive and amicable a separation can be, the better the outcome for all involved. I have been accredited by the Law Society of Scotland in family law since 2001 and have gained significant legal experience over more than 28 years in all aspects of mediation, from the financial aspects to the involvement of children and the whole spectrum of the family.

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